ELVA Hållbara AB is a platform for us, Erik and Laura Vidje, to pass on knowledge that we have developed within sustainable planning and building. We are passionate about sustainable solutions within the circular economy as well as healthy building practices and have applied our theoretical knowledge in a practical way with our own self build sustainable home, Rundbalshuset, in the city of Umeå in northern Sweden.

Managing Director

Laura Vidje

I have an MSc in Sustainable Urban Planning and a Bachelor's in Environmental Planning and Landscape Architecture from Technische Universität Berlin and offer a range of consultancy services within my specialised area of the circular economy.

laura@elvahallbara.se / Linkedin

Deputy Managing Director

Erik Vidje

I have an MSc in Spacial Planning with Regional Development and a Bachelor's in Cultural Geography from Umeå University. As well as building Rundbalshuset, I work as a Spatial Planner with the international engineering firm SWECO.

erik@elvahallbara.se / LinkedIn

How we can help you

Our Services

We look forward to sharing our experience, so please do read more about Rundbalshuset and Laura's consultancy services.

Laura can provide training and seminars in Swedish, German or English.


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